The Diamond Skull

It’s proper title is ‘For the Love of God’ and it was created in 2007 by superstar artist Damien Hirst.   It is so well discussed out there I don’t feel too many words are required, but it may be news to fans of jewelry.  It does bring up interesting, long-running questions about how blockbuster fabricated concepts fit in, but that’s for my art blog.  Something like this stimulates one kind of opinion or another, with visitor responses assembled at one exhibit into this amusing interactive site:  In any case, after the ‘spots’ show I really don’t want to say much about Hirst at all.  There are a good thousand living artists that all could better use my time.

Damien Hirst For the Love of God

"For the Love of God"

What I can offer that’s relevant here are interesting pictures of the skull making in process.  I happened to run across an excellent article years back, and grabbed the images.  This is fortunate, as I can’t find the article any longer (link would  be appreciated).  I do archive images regularly.