· Wallace Chan ·


Most jewelery designers just draw out their ideas with colorful markers and send them off to the stone setters to figure out.  Wallace Chan, a living master, has developed designs simply so complicated he had to invent the techniques to execute them.  Combining artistry with the mind of an engineer, he developed a unique claw setting that allowed him to create thin free floating tendrils of set melee, and has introduced laser engraving intaglio into gemstones as a force to be reckoned with.  At auction, his work sells in the millions, making him as well paid as the greatest living artists.  So I’ll leave it at that, his work speaks for itself.Wallace-Chan-Cover51525_141008180146-wallace-10-horizontal-galleryslides_17_T6biennale-piece_necklace_now-and-always_black-3-copie2xxxxwallace_chan5c730f8b6f9afb15d4e3bb6411fa568364d4643380021c4f85c8b213f10ade0e23b724f91cceba8f745d3b7394441fd06f63b_141008175440-wallace-8-horizontal-galleryWallace-Chan-le8tt


The artist refers to this symmetrical, reverse intaglio as ‘the Wallace Cut’.